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Date Titles Content of Webinar Duration (Mins.) Hyperlink
 2/15/17 An Intro to Excel A brief introduction and overview of Microsoft Excel.  30  Register Here
 2/8/17 An Intro to PowerPoint A brief introduction and overview of Microsoft PowerPoint.  31  Register Here
 1/27/17 Intro to Facebook A brief introduction to the do’s and don’ts of maintaining a Facebook account.  33  Register Here
 11/04/16  3D-Printing  Overview of the possibilities with 3D printing technology.  41  Register Here
11/03/16  Cybersecurity/Attacks  Learn how to stay protected from hackers.  40 Register Here
 09/29/16 Ways Technology Has Changed the World A brief overview of how tech changed daily life.  33 Register Here
 09/30/16 Websites for Life Hack  Some useful websites.  38 Register Here
 09/30/16  Evolution of Windows OS  Learn how Windows operating systems changed over time.  30  Register Here
 09/29/16  Windows 10 Tutorial Windows 10  43  Register Here
 6/24/16  C++ Coding Introduction  Coding tutorial for the enthusiast  43 Register Here
 6/24/16  Internet of Things  Understanding the Internet of things on a larger scale 35  Register Here
 6/23/16  Mac El Capitan vs. Windows 10 Comparison of Mac & Widows latest Operating Systems  41 Register Here
 6/23/16  Mac El Capitan Tutorial  Brief tutorial on Mac’s El Capitan Operating System  37  Register Here
 6/22/16  Technology Cloud Computing for Geeks  In-depth look at Cloud Computing  56 Register Here
 6/22/16  Taking online classes  Pros & Cons of Online Vs On Campus courses  41  Register Here
 6/21/16  oscER Application  Preview and functions of oscER App.  40  Register Here
 6/20/16  NAMI San Diego Webpages Navigating new updates on NAMI San Diego Websites 52 Register Here
 6/3/16  7 Inventions that will blow your mind Developed and Developing gadgets  47  Register Here
 5/27/16  Learn Windows, 10 New Features & Tricks  New Features for Windows 10 users 38  Register Here
 4/8/16  Tech Talks- 10 Android apps for 2016 New Apps for Android users 32  Register Here
4/4/16 Microsoft Hololens The various applications for the MS. Holographic Platform 43 Register Here
4/1/16 4 New Technologies Amazon Drones, Google Car, IBM Watson, & MS Hololens 41 Register Here
3/28/2016 The Power of computers Quantum Computers 45 Register Here
3/25/2016 One Note Tutorial for one note 40 Register Here
3/21/2016 4 Tips in PowerPoint Ways to work smarter with PowerPoint 41 Register Here
3/14/2016 4 Tips in MS Excel 2016 ways to work smarter with Excel 34 Register Here
3/11/2016 4 Tips in MS Word 2016 ways to work smarter with Word 39 Register Here
1/29/2016 Databases Databases and uses 45 Register Here
1/19/2016 Hackers 38 Register Here
11/20/2015 Technology and the Brain The pros and cons of technology on the brain 26 Register Here
11/13/2015 Skype Tutorial Step by step guide to skype operation 23 Register Here
10/9/2015 Human Technology  A look at technology paired with human integration 28 Register Here
09/18/2015 Navigating NAMI San Diego Webpages A tutorial of the new NAMI San Diego website & pages 64 Register Here
09/04/2015 Secure Passwords & Unsecure WiFi Methods of creating secure passwords & dangers of public WiFi 37 Register Here
08/21/2015 Tech Talk Cyber Bullying Recognizing Signs & Types of cyber bullying 32 Register Here
08/14/2015 Budgeting with Excel Creating a budget spreadsheet with Excel 38 Register Here
6/19/15 Getting Around and Technology Navigating San Diego using web and app 28 Register Here
06/12/15 Health & Wellness Apps. Explores 15 Register Here
06/05/15 Cloud Technologies Explores an application of cloud technology 38 Register Here
06/04/15 The internet of things Describes what the “internet of things” is and how is affects daily living 32 Register Here
06/03/15 New Technology Explores emerging technology 28 Register Here
06/02/15 GPS and Navigation Differentiates GPS and Navigation 26 Register Here
06/01/15 Smart Bands Explores the world of wearable technology in Smart Bands. 36 Register Here
05/29/15 Widows 10 Preview Previews the latest version of windows 10 for consideration of those using windows 8. 27 Register Here
05/15/15 Cut, Copy, Paste Basic skills for editing a word document and for shortcuts in writing. 18 Register Here
05/08/15 Laptop Tutorial For attendees of computer class which gives a tutorial of components of computers to include software and common terminology. 58 Register Here
05/01/15 Creating Passwords For recent graduates who need to create a password for their laptops. Goes through the steps 62 Register Here
04/24/15 Technology for Mental Health Exploring technologies that lend support to mental health consmers 22 Register Here
04/23/15 WRAP Application Exploring the Wellness Recovery Action Plan Application for function and ease of use. 13 Register Here
04/10/15 Editing and adding a word document to email Editing Word Doc and attaching it to email in Windows/PCs 14.29 Register Here
04/03/15 Best Free Antivirus Test Test of best antivirus 20.56 Register Here
03/27/15 Tips & Tricks Setting up a Youtube Channel 14.36 Register Here
03/20/15 Create PDF files for free on Windows Creating PDF files in the Windows 8.1 environment 14.37 Register Here
03/13/15 Attaching a word document Email and document creations for Macs 11 Register Here
03/06/15 Windows 8.1 McAfee total protection antivirus review A review of McAfee antivirus protection works for the Windows OS 13 Register Here
02/27/15 How to Create a YouTube Account and Upload a Video Create a Youtube Account and uploading a video 13 Register Here
02/13/15 How to use Skype Creating an account and Navigating Skype 14.49 Register Here
02/06/15 How to use Windows 8 on a Touch Screen Device Navigating MS/OS 8 on a tablet device 24 Register Here
01/23/15 Just Hang up Viop/Phone Scams for seniors Pt.2 22.36 Register Here
01/16/15 Introduction to Office 365 Tutorial for office 365 apps 57 Register Here
01/09/15 Saving Time with MS Templates Creating customized template in Microsoft for time managment 34.32 Register Here
12/30/14 Increase productivity in MS Excel Using macros in MS Excel 53.17 Register Here