NAMI San Diego Volunteer Processes and Procedures

( this includes interns and computer class volunteers for the Tech CAFÉ )


  1. Information Session: All potential volunteers and interns are required to attend a two-hour volunteer information session.  This is offered on a regular basis. This Volunteer Information Session gives an overview of the mission of the agency and the many volunteer opportunities available and the requirements of each opportunity. Email volunteers@namisd.org to inquire about the next information session.
  2. Application/Interest: All potential volunteers fill out an application to indicate the program areas  they are interested in volunteering for along with any special skills, experience or language abilities they may have.
  3. Interview Process: Before being accepted as a volunteer and assigned a volunteer area and training, potential volunteers will go through phone and/or in-person interview and will have their references check and will have their references checked.
  4. Training/Placement: Each NAMI San Diego program has their own training protocol (Ex. Friends in the Lobby and the Helpline hold three hour trainings while In Our Own Voice holds a two day speaker training.) For many programs, the final “training day” will be the first day on the job.  Once a volunteer has been approved and accepted, if specific additional training is required for the program area they are interested in volunteering for, they will be contacted and informed before the next training date.

Supervision & Support: Each NAMI San Diego Volunteer receives ongoing supervision and support from Staff.