Renee Cookson, Program Manager

The NAMI San Diego Consumer and Family Empowerment Technology Project (Tech CAFÉ) is a new program which provides self-identified consumers and family members with lived mental health experience the tools designed to expand access to applicable hardware, software and computer training.  The goal is to increase health/wellness literacy and symptom management through state of the art technology. The “Technology Toolkit” will be instrumental in day to day lives to educate and empower consumers and family members when scheduling appointments, accessing health/wellness resources, employment readiness, transportation, education, entertainment and connecting with family and friends. The Tech CAFÉ wants all individuals to speak the same vocabulary when it comes to today’s technology!

This exciting new program reaches diverse target populations of underserved or unserved in all six regions of San Diego County. The program consists of several facets: Technology Empowerment Institute, application software design, basic and advanced computer classes, YouTube video content, Tech Talk Webinars, Wellness Webinars and technical support management.

The program is funded by the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency through the Mental Health Services Act.