Renee Cookson

Renee HS

Renee Cookson, CTRS is the Program Manager of the Consumer and Family Empowerment project. She brings 35 years of experience in the mental health and behavioral health care field to NAMI San Diego as a recent transfer from Las Vegas, NV where she was known for her leadership and commitment to her community. Renee graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BS in Therapeutic Recreation and has been certified as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for 34 years. She is also EGALA Certified in Equine Growth and Assisted Learning, and is a Qualified Mental Health Professional with experience in providing community based and home based Psychosocial Rehabilitation services. Renee served on various Boards in Las Vegas, including Vice President and Board member of the NV Homeless Alliance. She was an active member of the Regional Initiatives on Homelessness and actively participated in the Southern NV Regional Planning Coalition “Committee on Homelessness”. In addition to her professional experience, she has over 30 years of volunteer and charitable experience involving many charitable/nonprofit organizations and outreach work. Renee currently is a member of the Disability Services Advisory Committee to Therapeutic Recreation Services for the City of San Diego and is a member of Pacific Beach Women’s Club. Renee is very passionate about giving back and being active in her community!